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A.P. Opportunities

College Credit
Students have the opportunity to earn dual college credit by taking specific courses. The Oregon Department of Education has determined that the school may offer dual college credit courses at no cost to students that qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. See the curriculum guide and counselor for details.

There are multiple opportunities for college credit at Centennial High School. Please consult these guide and/or your counselor to participate in these classes: The following classes are projected to include a college credit opportunity.

CHS staff encourage all students to academically challenge themselves in the course outlined below. Please visit with your counselor and/or one of the principals on the many benefits of taking advanced coursework.


A.P. Opportunities
A.P. Art History
A.P. Calculus
A.P. Language and Composition
A.P. Literature and Composition
A.P. Physics
A.P. Psychology
A.P. Spanish
A.P. Statistics
A.P. US Government
A.P. US History
A.P. Environmental Science