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Dual Credit

Dual Credit


  • Students may still register for classes until May 31st.
  • Contact for the registration link.

Drop Date Deadline

  • The last day to drop a College Now force is also May 31st.
  • Instructors or students can initiate a drop, please contact with the students name, ID number, and course
  • This is a drop not a withdraw, so no record of the course will remain on students transcripts and will not affect college GPA

****Students with a failing grade will NOT be automatically dropped – please make sure you or the student requests their drop before the deadline.****


  • College Now grades as submitted via the MHCC Portal will be  letter grade.
  • Grades for these classes on students high school transcripts will be P/I

Dual Credit 
Hello CHS Students! Please note that information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge at time of publication and is subject to change. Final plan and approval will come from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC). To confirm, or for most current info. Please reach out to your Dual Credit teacher and/or counselor directly. 

  • Colleges and universities are seeking for consistencies in working through policy, however most of the info below is applicable to Dual Credit to be earned at MHCC. If you are in Ms. Fleck’s ECE program (EOU) or Ms. O’Brien’s Women’s Lit. class (CCC), please be sure you are direct communication with these instructors. 
  • Please keep in mind, Dual Credit in question is specific to it’s spring term registration/credit (i.e. 2nd semester & yearlong courses) that is the focus. Fall and Winter Dual Credit registration and credits are complete. 
  • Most dual credit courses will still continue. Your classroom teacher will explain what is happening with dual credit. 
  • The community colleges have extended their registration and drop deadlines.​MHCC is working with schools/teachers to get students registered as we can over the next few weeks. 
  • If you need support: The easiest way for students to get help is though the College Now email, 
  • Info. for Seniors: While ODE has stated rules around Pass/No Pass for high school level credit, those Seniors that would like to earn Dual credit, will need to continue on in their CHS class until deemed complete by CHS and MHCC staff. Seniors will likely earn letter grades on their college transcript.