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NCAA Eligibility Center


To be eligible for Division I or II athletics, students must register with the Eligibility Center and meet minimum core credit requirements (16) in English,  Math,  Science and Social Science.  Athletes must also meet the minimum GPA requirements, minimum test scores (SAT or ACT), and graduate from high school.  Athletes who have aspirations to participate in Division I,  II or III college athletics must register by the end of their junior year with the NCAA Eligibility Center ( or with the NAIA Eligibility Center at:  Athletes must also have their ACT ( or SAT scores ( sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by using the “9999” college code at those registration sites.  


Athletic eligibility at many Division I schools is higher than the regular core course admission requirements.  Not all courses at Centennial High School meet NCAA core requirements.  Online, Credit Recovery or Proficiency Based Credit classes Special Education and ELL classes do not meet the NCAA requirements.  For further information go to: and use the CEEB/ACT Code: “380848” or speak with your counselor about taking the appropriate NCAA courses.