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Clearing Information

Fall Clearing:


We have gone to electronic clearing for our student athletes.

Here are the basic instructions for parents needing to register their student athletes for sports at CHS:

Go to: www.rankonesport.com

Upper right: Point curser to “For Parents”    Click on “Log In”

One the Electronic Forms Look-up page use the drop down menu to select “OR”, then select “Centennial School District”

At the bottom of the page, click on the blue button that says “Start Online Forms”, click on “No, Create New Account”

Fill in the Create a Parent Account information and click on “Register”, a confirmation email will be sent to the emailed used to set-up the account.  Go to your email and confirm your registration, then return to www.rankonesport.com and log in.

Parents can begin online registration by using the student’s name (as it appears in Synergy, hyphens removed) and the student’s “Student I.D. Number”.  After the student has been added, the electronic documents (3 of them) will be revealed.  Every box or statement on the document has to be completed to move on.  Two of the documents require “Medical Insurance Provider” information to continue.

Every student athlete will need to come to the athletic office and provide an updated sports physical both sides of the required document completed (see attached correct form), or a completed “Health History” update (parent/student side of same document) if the previous year’s sports physical is on file and still valid.  Every student will also need to bring in their “Sports Off-set Fee” and/or a letter from “Dining Services showing their 2017-2018 benefit status for Free/Reduced Fees.

Only students enrolled at CHS/CMS in June 2017 are currently in the RankoneSport database; if a student is newly enrolled, I will have to manually add them before they can begin the process.

Parents can view the electronic documents in English, Russian or Spanish.


 August 1st, 2017 the Athletic Office will resume normal business hours (7:30am-3:30pm) and be available to answer questions regarding electronic clearing.  Fall sports are Cheer, Cross Country, Dance Team, Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Water Polo.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Parent Account for electronic clearing. Click here


  • Watch here for updated information regarding electronic documentation submission for fall clearing 2017. (We are going almost paperless) Keep in mind that I will need the parent/student side of the sports physical form filled out annually but the doctor side is good for 2 years!

  • Sports Physicals at CHS August 8, 2017.

  • The athletic offset fee is $160.00 if you pay for full lunch and is due before tryouts even for sports that cut.  Refunds are processed through the bookkeeping office and checks are mailed to the student address on record.

  • You must apply for Dining Services for the 2017-2018 school year and bring proof of your Dining Services status (your letter from Dining Services) to the Athletic Office  in order to have your fee reduced or waived; the letter and any amount due is required before participation in tryouts.  Apply online for Free/Reduced Lunch: https://district.ode.state.or.us/apps/frlapp/default.aspx

  • All outstanding fees owed to Centennial must be paid in full to be cleared for participation in tryouts.

  • All Student Athletes must meet the OSAA and Centennial Academic requirements as listed in the Athletic Participation Rules and Regulations.

  • All Student Athletes must have medical insurance.  If you do not have private medical insurance a flyer with optional insurance coverage information is available in the athletic office.

  • All students who participate in athletics must turn in the completed and signed Parent/Student side of the sports physical document annually as a health update.   Sports physicals are good for 2 years, the physician’s side will have to be updated once every 2 years or as directed by the physician. Your physical must be valid through the sport season you are clearing for.  (I.E.Fall-through November, Winter-through March, Spring-through May)