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Diploma Options

Standard Diploma





Social Studies

Physical Education

Health Education

Fine Arts/Second Language/CTE



4 Credits (LA)

3 Credits (MA)

3 Credits (SC)

3 Credits (SS)
1 Credit (PE)

1 Credit (HE)
2.5 Credits (FA)
0.5 Credit (CA)

6 Credits

Total: 24 Credits



Honors Diploma





U.S. History**


U.S. Government

Physical Education

Health Education

Second Language

(Must be the same language)




4 Credits (LA)

4 Credits (MA)

4 Credits (SC)

1 Credit (GS)

0.5 Credit (EC)

0.5 Credit (GV)
1 Credit (PE)

1 Credit (HE)
2 Credits (SL)


0.5 Credit (TE)

0.5 Credit (CA) *

6 Credits (EL)


Total: 26


* For required Career Credit and Personalized Learning opportunities please see page 8 of the course catalog.

** Equivalent courses may be substituted with counselor approval.

Additional Requirements:


Pass State Reading assessment OR complete and pass two reading work-samples one of which must be:

  • Informational

Pass State Writing assessment OR two writing work-samples (only 1 may be narrative):

  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Narrative

Pass State Math assessment OR two math different work samples from the following:

  • Algebraic Relationships
  • Statistics/Probability
  • Geometry

The following are completed in the Technology and Careers course, Pathways to Manufacturing course, Center for Advanced Learning or another course listed on page 8 in the course catalog.

  • Education Plan and Profile – Develop an education plan and build an education profile to guide learning toward student’s personal, career and post-high school goals.
  • Career-Related Learning Standards – Students demonstrate knowledge and skills in:
    • Personal management
    • Problem solving
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Employment foundations
    • Career development
    • Career-Related Learning Experiences – Participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or  school relevant to student’s education plan.
    • Extended Application – Apply and extend knowledge and skills in new and complex situation related to the student’s personal and career interest ans post-high school goals.