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Centennial High School-Gresham, Oregon

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle - Centennial School District
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Joseph Brown
Extension Number: 5680
Room: 183

– Integrated Math 1A
– Pre-Calculus A1

Ross Cottrell
Extension Number: 5586
Room: 187
Tuesday/Thursday right after school- Physics
– Consumer and Financial Math
– AP Statistics
Undergrad: Linfield
Graduate: Portland State
Degree: BA in math at Linfield, and MST in math at PSU
Hobbies/Interests:  Reading and hiking
Born & Raised:  Milwaukie, OR
Family:  One pet
Favorite place to travel: Europe and traveling to new countries

Debbie Dube, Department Chair
Extension Number: 5588
Room: 184

– Integrated Math 2B
– AP Calculus

Jeremiah Hansen
Extension Number: 5585
Room: 186

– Integrated Math 2B
– Integrated Math 3A

Dean Ivester
Extension Number: 5587
Room: 188

– Extended Integrated Math 3A
– Integrated Math 3B

Janet Johnson
Extension Number: 5582
Room: 185

– Integrated Math 1B
– Integrated Math 2A
– Integrated Math 1B Supplement

Kim Ledesma
Extension Number: 5580
Room: 182

– Pre-Calculus B
– Integrated Math 2A

Jimmy Mei
Extension Number: 6126
Room: 146, 105, 165

– Student Council
– Intro Computer Science
– Integrated Math 1B

Jennifer Morgan
Extension Number: 5589
Room: 181- Math 8
– Integrated 2B
– Integrated 2B Supplement
Undergrad: Western Oregon University
Graduate:  Western Oregon University
Degree: Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Masters degree in Teaching
Hobbies/Interests:  Hanging out with family and friends, do crafts and solve puzzles, and going on adventures
Born & Raised:  Portland/ Gresham, OR
Family:   My husband is named Alex Morgan, and a tabby cat named Nifty
Favorite place to travel:  Anything Disney

Ben Petersen
Extension Number: 5521
Room: 144- Consumer and Financial Math
– Integrated 2A Supplement
– Essential Math Skills
Undergrad: University of Oregon
Graduate: University of Oregon
Degree: BS Math, minor Physics, and Masters of Education
Hobbies/Interests: Skiing, Ultimate, parenting, gaming
Born & Raised: West Linn, Oregon
Family: A wife, 2 kids, and 3 pets
Favorite place to travel: Beach

Rob Price
Extension Number: 5552
Room: 180

– Integrated Math 3A
– Integrated Math 2B

Matt Rockwell
Extension Number: 5674
Room: 183

– Integrated 1A
– Beginner Foods
– Intro to Culinary

Tim Roupp
Extention Number: 5583
Room: 189

– Integrated 1A
– Integrated 1B